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Weaving Of Man-Made Fibre Fabrics
Course Description
Weaving Technology offers the knowledge about weaving machinery and weaving process (winding, warping and looming prior to weaving, followed by the basic principles of weaving, shuttle and shuttleless methods of weft insertion and multiphase weaving). Inculcate weaving plant operations to improve working conditions and fabric quality. 1. to give technological knowledge of contemporary issues of weaving (shedding, picking, beating-up, warp let off and cloth take up motions and control and stop motions), 2. to teach the ways to control, lead and improve the actual working conditions, 3. to develop problem solving skills applied to weaving problems.

This course includes an overview of designing and drafting basic weave structures and complete instructions for good warping and weaving techniques. Fabric structure subject goes into greater depth to give thorough knowledge of all basic & advance weave structures. And also includes instruction in the use of weaving dobby and jacquard to the student. Curriculum content includes lecture, discussion, informative handouts, careful study of woven examples, drafting practice on paper, and extensive fabric sample analysis. Within Introduction to Textiles subject covers the basic principles of weaving but provides considerably more detailed information on preparatory wet processes and weaving technology; the preparatory processes including grey inspection, desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing.
Career Prospects
The technological knowledge and skills of textile weaving students are highly valued by textile manufacturing companies. The majority of weaving students take up posts in the textile manufacturing industry as process or plant managers, technologists. Recently employment have found in the areas of production management, design, textile testing and quality assurance, new product development, purchasing. At present there is a huge demand in textile industry.
Duration : 6 Months
Eligibility : S.S.C / H.S.C / Graduation / Diploma from all the Institutes across the country.
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