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Chemical Processing Technology
Course Description
Conversion of fibres into yarn / fabric /apparel by mechanical processes itself is not sufficient to provide articles desirable properties like aesthetics of colour , feel or properties like crease resistance , moisture absorbance etc.. It is challenging task to attain desired appearance, feel and function right first time at competitive cost with the best of quality. This sector is the weakest link in otherwise fast growing Indian textile industry . This section has very high potential of value addition in entire chain.

Chemical processing of textiles constitutes innumerable steps leading to finished product, each having a number of complex variables .These variables are thouroughly treated in theory and practicals of subjects like Introduction to fibres and mechanical processing , Preparatory and finishing technology , Dyeing technology ,Printing technology & Testing and Quality control . Modern technology tools like Computer Colour Matching are taught for process economy and eco friendly processes. Textile Garment processing - the latest market requirement is also emphasised . Emphasis is mainly on cotton, wool, viscose ,nylon , polyester and popular blends.
Career Prospects
These diverse and complex requirements demand trained manpower to man production sectors, HRD, Testing & Q.C., R&D of Chemicals & Processes & Machines, Technical Marketing & in International Trade etc.
Duration : 6 Months
Eligibility : S.S.C / H.S.C / Graduation / Diploma from all the Institutes across the country.
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