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Weaving Man Made Fibre Fabrics (Short Term)
  Course Description
Introduction To Textiles
1. Classification of fibers, physical properties of common natural & man-made fibers.
2. Introduction to cotton, woolen & worsted system of spinning by flow chart and object of each process.
3. Basic concept of spun & filament yarns, their usefulness & end uses.
4. Introduction to concepts of knitting: warp & weft.
5. Advantages & disadvantages of knitting and weaving.  
6. Basic principles of weaving, & manufacturing non-woven & its uses.
Yarn preparation & Objectives.
1. Winding machines and its purposes. Knotting, Splicing, Slub catcher setting
2. Machine production.
3. Warping machines, its technology, stop motions, brake etc.
4. Pirn winding machine and it`s importance.
5. Purpose of Sizing, sizing Ingredients, Texirising Process.,
Weaving Technology
1. Fundamentals of weaving,
2. Main features of Automatic looms.
3. Advantages of automatic loom over non automatic loom(shuttle loom & shuttle-less looms)
4. Weaving production calculations.
General Management
1. What is Business? Elements of business-purpose, resources, objectivies, facts and types of business.
2. Entrepreneur/Manager: Qualities, similarities, differences, principles of management
3. planning: Objectives, stratigies & tactics, procedures Organisation: elements, division of work, authority & responsibility.
Power Loom Unit Management
1. Trade practices: self manufacturing, master weaving, job work sourcing, commission agency, etc.
2. Marketing practices: Yarn, Fabrics and intermediates.
3. Production management, present practices- production planning inventory control, production control, quality control, labor management., Present market scenario & need for changing management style.
Personality Development Programme
1. Developing oral communication
2. Learn to face Challenges
3. Resume writing
4. Learn to conduct meeting
5. Learn to prepare project report
6. Dealing with customers / superiors
Duration : 1 Months
Eligibility : S.S.C / H.S.C / Graduation / Diploma from all the Institutes across the country.
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