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Skill Development Programme For Weavers
  Course Description
As it is a skill up-gradation programme, it is necessary to educate The weavers with the proper working methods required for improvement in productivity. The training programme will cover the following objectives:
Introduction To Textile & Weaving
1. Brief description about Textiles & type of looms(shuttle and shuttle-less looms) & their working principles.( Audio-visual presentation)
2. Preparatory – sizing, warping, pirn winding Different motions of Loom such as Primary, Secondary, Auxiliary.
3. Present scenario of Textile Market . What is quota-free market, Why quality is important in today’s market . All such questions are answered.
The Standard Working Methods For Weaver.
1. The nature of work, classification, live demonstrations
2. Taking charge from the Colleague.
3. Importance of weavers round, types of knots, important points to increase efficiency etc.
Fabric Defects
1. Different types of Fabric Defects. [Live Demonstration]
2. The reasons of defects.
3. The remedy for fabric defects
4. Motivation towards Zero Defect Fabric. 
5. Elimination of fabric defects:- Role of worker. 
Work study and evaluation of Drawbacks in the existing working System of the weavers and suggestions for improvement.
Oral interview, Problem faced-case studies [Evaluation & Grading of weavers]
Duration : 2 Weeks
Eligibility : The unskilled labors who are already into textile but do not have enough knowledge about the textile field would be preferred.
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